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原文:We will be giving a pair of webinars on ERP decoding that are open to the worldwide ERP community.

Part 1 (Monday, June 29, 8:00 AM Pacific Time) will be a general overview of how ERP decoding works, what kinds of things can be decoded, and the strengths and weaknesses of decoding relative to traditional univariate ERP analysis methods. This part will be led by Steve Luck.

Part 2 (Tuesday, June 30, 8:00 AM Pacific Time) will be a how-to workshop led by Gi-Yeul Bae (who developed our decoding approach) and Aaron Simmons (the lab manager for the Luck Lab). They will go through our decoding pipeline line by line so that you’ll be able to easily apply it to your own data. Everything is in Matlab, using a bit of EEGLAB and ERPLAB and a lot of custom code that can be easily adapted for a broad range of experiments. Part 2 will assume that you’ve done Part 1.

We expect that each part will be approximately 90 minutes (but this is just an estimate). We realize that the timing will not be appropriate for some time zones, but 8:00 AM here in California is about the best we can realistically do.

Advance registration is required. We expect the registration site to open by the end of the day on June 22. Check back here on that date for a link to the registration site.

Registration will be on a first-come/first-served basis. We hope to be able to accommodate everyone, but there is a limit on our webinar software.

We will focus on decoding for basic science and preclinical research, not for engineering applications. For example, our methods are not very useful for brain-computer interfaces., but they can be incredibly powerful for answering scientific questions about the human mind and brain. For an overview of our approach and links to recent papers, see this blog post.



第1部分(太平洋时间6月29日(星期一)上午8:00)将概述ERP解码的工作原理,可解码的事物以及相对于传统单变量ERP分析方法的解码优缺点。这部分将由史蒂夫·勒克Steve Luck)主讲。

第2部分(太平洋时间6月30日,星期二,上午8:00)将由Gi-Yeul Bae(开发我们的解码方法)和Aaron Simmons(Luck Lab的实验室管理)主持。将逐行通过解码,以便您可以轻松地将其应用于自己的数据。一切都在Matlab中,使用了一些EEGLABERPLAB以及许多可以轻松适应各种实验的自定义代码。第2部分将假定您已完成第1部分。






ERP decoding webinar, Part 2 (June 30, 2020)(已过期)

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